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Gear Equipment

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  • 450 Sykes Herringbone Gear Generator, 17" Diameter, 5" Face width, 30 deg. Guides, 21/2 D.P
  • Sykes and Farrel Sykes Parts, prints, rebuilding and guide correction available
  • ZB Reishauer Gear Grinder, 27 1/2" diameter
  • HSS60/BC Mang Gear Grinder
  • 12" Red Ring Gear Generator, Model GCU, Crowning
  • Red Ring Gear Hone, Model GHD
  • 2C Farrel-Sykes Herringbone Gear Generator 30 Degree Guides, 8” x 24” Capacity
  • 5E Sykes Herringbone Gear Generator, 30 Degree Guides, 18” x 63” Capacity (2)
  • 1600H Sykes Herringbone (2)
  • 3C Sykes Herringbone (2)

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We regularly update our selection of gear equipment. If you do not see the equipment you are looking for in this list, contact us today. We can help you select the right gear equipment based on your application.

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