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Vertical Turret Lathes

Providing the Latest in Vertical Turret Lathe Technology

At O'Connell Machinery Co, Inc., we are proud to offer a variety of vertical turret lathes spanning many different sizes and brands in order to support every kind of project you need to work on. While the inventory on this page only lists our vertical turret lathes, we also carry a large selection of vertical lathes, boring mills, and other machinery
With our large vertical lathe inventory, we can supply customers with rebuilt VTL models or configured machines. We also carry top brands including Momentum CNC vertical lathes that combine extreme torque, rigidity and cutting flexibility to carry out the toughest turning jobs on large or asymmetrical workpieces. 
Bullard vertical turret lathes have been the backbone of many industries dating back to 1912. Many of the vertical turret lathes originally built by Bullard are still turning precision parts in thousands of shops. Although the last Bullard machine was produced in 1989, they will likely be around for decades longer due to the quality of their original craftsmanship and engineering. Should your vertical lathe encounter an issue, here at O'Connell Machinery Co, Inc., we also offer a wide selection of Bullard parts and service so your equipment won't be down for long. Just let us know the requirements and we can help you select the appropriate part or machine for your application.
Below we've provided additional information about our vertical lathe machinery including catalogs and other specifications. Feel free to browse through our vertical turret lathe inventory or call us today to speak to a member of our service team.
Vertical Turret Lathe

30" - 36" Vertical Turret Lathes

We have many 30" - 36" Bullard vertical turret lathe models available. Our selection includes:

42" - 46" Vertical Turret Lathes

Our 42" - 46" inventory contains Cutmaster, Man-Au-Trol, Dynatrol, Series 75 Bullard, and Dynatape models.


54" - 56" Vertical Turret Lathes

Our inventory of 54" - 56" vertical turret lathes contain Cutmaster, Man-Au-Trol, Dynatrol, and Series 75 Bullard. Several of our Bullard vertical turret lathes are rare High Column models.

64" - 76" Vertical Turret Lathes

108" Vertical Turret Lathes


Webster & Bennett VTLs

We have several Webster & Bennett VTLs in stock

  • 36" through 72"


CNC - Vertical Turret Lathes

    • 56" Bullard Dynatape 
    • 66" Bullard Dynatape 
    • 76" Bullard Dynatape
Additional Information About Vertical Turret Lathes
Vertical lathes, in general, are also referred to as "vertical boring mills" or simply "boring mills.” A vertical turret lathe is a vertical boring mill equipped with a turret. Vertical lathes are useful for handling very large, heavy, short workpieces.
Horizontal and vertical turret lathes see a lot of work as they can perform a variety of drilling and boring operations. Although vertical and horizontal boring mills have the same functions, they differ in machine setup, workpiece setup, and tooling configuration.
Unique characteristics to vertical boring mills: 
  • The workpiece is rotated around a Y-axis while the boring head moves linearly
  • The workpiece is held on a horizontal table that rotates along a vertical axis
  • Tools that are non-rotating are fed horizontally or vertically or side HEA on the turret slide
When you choose O'Connell Machinery Co, Inc., for your equipment needs, you'll find that we also carry a variety of rebuilt and configured machines and can help you select the right machine to meet your requirements. Dedicated to providing our clients with reliable vertical lathe parts and service, we looking forward to putting our knowledge to work for you.

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