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Rotary Tables

Rotary Tables & Other Milling Accessories

Rotary tables allow the operator to cut or drill at exact intervals around a fixed point. This allows for more precise work, which can be used for a variety of applications. Take a look at the following section of our rotary tables and other milling accessories to get a better sense of our current selection.

Rotary Tables

  • 60" x 96" Cincinnati Gilbert Air Lift (2)
  • 48" x 48" Giddings & Lewis Plain
  • 36" Diameter Giddings & Lewis Air Lift
Facing Heads
  • 36” Mitsubishi Facing Head
Right-Angle Milling Attachment
  • 36” Giddings & Lewis Right Angle Milling Attachment

Offering a Variety of Bullard Parts & Other Machinery

To learn more about our rotary tables, facing heads, and right-angle milling attachments, please contact us today. We may have new arrivals that are not listed on this page, so be sure to inquire to see if we have something that will fit your application.

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