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Reliable Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses

In addition to our wide selection of professional-grade vertical lathesparts, and other machinery, O'Connell Machinery Co, Inc. also carries several hydraulic and mechanical presses to assist our customers. Our current available presses include:

  • 8 Ton Dennison Hydraulic, C Frame
  • 100 Ton Niagara SSSC, 3” Stroke, 24” x 24” Bed, AC, Newer Safety Controls
  • 75 Ton Dake Traveling Frame Straightening Press
  • 175 Ton Eitel RP-160 Stroke Controlled Straightening Press, WR3 Straightening Attachment, New 1982
  • 90 Ton Niagara, E-90, 7” STR, A/C, A/CB

Call to Inquire About Our Selection

Learn more about our hydraulic and mechanical presses by getting in touch with us for more information. As our product inventory is always changing, we may also have new arrivals not listed on this page that may be a better fit for your application. To discuss you needs or to request a quote on a specific product, reach out to us today!

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